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Acropora Cottages – Waisai – WTC Beach – Waigeo Island – Raja Ampat

ACROPORA Cottage and Restaurant which Its location is in the Capital District Waisai Raja Ampat and not so far from the port Waisai. Acropora is the form of lodging and comfortable cottage for divers or visitors who have business goals, profession, or tours. its does not only provide accommodation but also decent home style meal with reasonable economic prize.

From many of these accommodation, it’s only a 5 to 15 minutes boat ride to your chosen dive or snorkel site where you can indulge in the fantastic underwater biodiversity; or hang out on the beach and enjoy the sea view and inspiring tropical sunset. Some of the accommodation also provide rental service on diving and snorkeling equipments, if you don’t want the hassle of bringing your own equipment from faraway places.

Currently the Raja Ampat Tourism are also preparing 5 major Tourism Villages that will be introduced as part of its efforts to preserve the nature and local cultural life which also can be used as the choices of on land excursions for non divers or in between the dives itself.

Each Tourism villages will be designed according to its unique and will be equipped by accommodation. It is also hoped that by these Tourism Villages, the society can be self reliance in earning their living while preserving their ancestors inheritance.

Room Rates :
Standard Room : Euro 65/night/single or double including breakfast
Deluxe Room : Euro 85/night/single or double including breakfast
Bungalow : Euro 95/night/single or double including breakfast

Snorkeling Trip:
Snnorkeling – Mansuar (Kri) Island area : Euro 70/day/person/min 02 person
Snorkeling & sunset bat watching at Bat Island : Euro 95/day/person/min 02 person
Snorkeling at Kabui Passage : Euro 140/day/person/min 02 person
Snorkeling at Manta Point, Gam Bay and Bat Island : Euro 140/day/person/min 02 person
Villages Visiting & Snorkeling 03 Islands : Euro 120/day/day/person/min 02 person

Robben’s Spot, Cape Kri, Chicken Reef, Blue Magic, South Koh island, Sardines, Schooling Barracuda, North Agusta Island, West Mansuar, Manta Point, Tide Reef, Wararema Reef, Mike’s Point, Kima, Warasnus, Row Mkun, South of Schooling Barracuda, Yenbuba, Long Reef, Arborek Jetty, Kapisawar Point, South of Bun Mkun, North of Bun Mkun.

Extra Cost :
Raja Ampat Marine Park Permit Fee (per person) : Euro 50.00/person/one visit
Taxi from Sorong airport to harbour or harbour to airport (One way) : Euro 18.00/car/max 04 people
Cabin on public boat from Sorong to Waisai or Waisai to Sorong : Euro 19.00/person/one way
Boat transfer Waisai – Mansuar (One way – shared between passengers) : Euro 12.00/person/one way

No Diving Facilities on this property

High and peak season apply from Oct 01-April 30 with additional surcharge for room rates and dive package is Euro 25/person/night

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