Tuesday, 26 March, 2019

Biodiversity Underwater in Waigeo Island – Raja Ampat

Memory for the diversity of animals and plants in Papua, particularly on the island of Raja Ampat Waigeo is like finding a lost world. In just a glance, there are animal species that we have never been found in other areas. Couscous black spots that I finally know Phalanger rufoniger Latin name turned out to be endemic to the island Waigeo, as a species, in addition to other types of couscous.

As couscous couscous brown, gray opossum, silky hair and spotted opossum regular couscous. This means that we will not occur in other areas, except by the movement of people.
From the data I read in Waigeo there are at least 66 individuals from 28 species of birds. Of these seven species endemic to the island Waigeo. For mammals, as well as 124 species were collected. Or 13.8% of all mammal species in Papua.

An interesting fact for me, because the island is relatively small and far from the mainland of New Guinea there are many endemic species. If only I had the chance to visit Waigeo more. When we were at the end of the pier in the afternoon and watch the direction of the island, we can clearly see the birds at play under the big trees in the middle of the island. The types of hooked beak like a parrot’s older brother, and we usually see.

There was also a large part of the type species such as hornbills and other fruit-eating birds. Among the many birds that live in that most intrigued me Waigeo typical island paradise Waigeo, Wilson bird of paradise (Cicinnurus res publica) was. Small as 21 cm only. The male birds are red and black with a yellow dress in the neck, half green, blue, purple tail feathers and two legs. While the mother bird with a crown of brownish black. Ah, unfortunately short on our visit, we never had the opportunity to see birds.
Forest behind the village, where we stayed still quite dense. still possible for me to see the original life panghuni forest patches. Several species of small lizards and lizards are easy to satisfy. Varanus Salvadori is that I met in the back yard spot.

Lizard with a length of about one meter, the wood too-cool-dig Orek organic waste, is to find food. Salvadori I know what type of monitor lizards can reach a length of 2.5 meters.
The distribution of this species of lizard in the head of the animal and the Raja Ampat Islands, Fakfak and Kaimana, New Guinea to the south. This beautiful grounds lizards usually eat small mammals, eggs, birds and other smaller species of lizards.

Be negotiated according to the CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, Salvadori included in Annex II, a rare and protected species is prohibited, and maintenance. Unfortunately, public ignorance, there are still many illegal arrests, to take his skin. Be exported in addition there are still many violations of the trade in endangered species abroad. It is very regrettable.

Observe the lives of animals in their habitat is a joy to direct me. Waigeo island and gave me a new perspective on their life experiences.

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