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Corepen Homestay – Gam Island – Raja Ampat


Great snorkelling from a superb beach, dolphins, lobsters, the occasional dugong, birds of paradise and a private bungalow on the beach. Perfect.

Corepen Homestay has one private bungalow on a great beach in a fabulous southern Gam location. A second two room bungalow on land was under construction when we visited and should be ready now.

The single room private bungalow has a bare interior with sheet covered mattresses with pillows on the floor. Plastic chairs are provided on the bungalow verandah which provides panoramic ocean views.

Meals are served in a beachside dining shelter next to the private bungalow and drinking water, tea and coffee are always available there.

Corepen Homestay bathroom and toilet facilities are housed together in a single room shelter with a coral rubble floor. The toilet is “hybrid style”: A squat toilet set in a concrete plinth that’s raised above ground level to make sitting possible.

Good mobile phone reception is available at Corepen and electricity is provided by generator from sunset to around midnight.

Basic supplies can be purchased in Yenbeser village which is a ten minute boat ride away.

Minimal English is spoken at Corepen Homestay, so consider bringing a Bahasa Indonesia phrasebook to facilitate communication.

Transport / Getting there

Waisai – Corepen Homestay transfers are by longboat which can carry up to four passengers. Transfers cost IDR 500,000 each way and the cost is shared by boat passengers.


There’s a lot to do at Corepen Homestay. Located in a private cove on one of Raja Ampat’s best beaches, Corepen has great snorkelling at the door. Entry to the water is easy due to the sand bottom, which transitions to rich coral gardens with bountiful sea life. Nearby are seagrass meadows often grazed by dugongs and you’ll see dolphins almost every day.

At low tide long beachwalks are possible and a  Corepen also offers a guided 30 minute walk into the jungle behind the homestay to see the dawn displays of Red Birds of Paradise. The walks begin before dawn (bring a flashlight!) and cost IDR 100,000 per person. Others of the many bird species that can be observed at Corepen include cockatoos, parrots and ground dwelling mound builders known locally as maleo.

Yenbeser village is close by, as are the attractions of Kri, Friwen, Arborek and Kabui Bay.

Corepen Homestay tours

Snorkelling and sightseeing tours can be arranged as desired. The table below shows prices in Indonesian Rupiah for the most commonly requested tours. The prices are per boat and are shared by passengers. The longboat used can accommodate a maximum of four passengers.


Kri Island 500,000
Friwen Wall 700,000
Batu Lima 550,000
Arborek/Mantas 1,900,000
Kabui Bay and Passage
(includes Wawiyai village)
Piaynemo (Penemu) 6,800,000


Single : IDR. 600,000,- / Person / Night/Twin Share including breakfast and taxes


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