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Fact about Raja Ampat Islands and Diving Information

Raja Ampat Fact
Diving Tags and other information:
MARINE PARK ENTRANCE FEE: from the 19th of August 2007 onwards all divers and non divers visiting Raja Ampat will need to pay an annual entrance fee for the Marine Park of Rp 500,000 per person (Rp 250,000 for Indonesians). The resort collects payments on behalf of Conservation International . Rp350,000 goes towards conservation purposes and the remaining Rp 150,000 goes to local government. Currently the US$ is worth roughly Rp 9,150. This could change if the US dollar continues to freefall.

PAPUA TRAVEL PERMIT: Please bring 3 passport photos and 3 copies of your passport for the Papua Travel permit (Surat Jalan) which the resort will organize.

SATURDAY NO DIVING: There is no diving between 6pm Friday and 6pm Saturday as this is the day of rest for all staff. Night diving at 7pm is possible.

CURRENTS: Please also be aware that there are sometimes strong currents in this area which is one of the reasons for so many fish. If you have a reef hook please bring it.

BIRD OF PARADISE: The resort offers free transport to see the Red Bird of Paradise on Saturday mornings. Guests should pay Rp 200,000 which goes towards conservation of these birds.

EXTRA CHARGES: For extra charges the resort will only accept cash payments in Euros, Rupiah or US Dollars. No credit card accepted.

Airfares and getting there
It’s a hell long a long way and will cost accordingly. We’ll probably fly LAX to Singapore to Manado (in Sulawesi) to Sorong. We will aim to arrive in Sorong on July 5th and overnight before the transfer.

A couple of nights in Sulawesi or Singapore on the way home are recommended … there’s cool stuff to see there and it breaks up a very long journey.
The airfare is estimated to be around $2000 from LAX. Some of you may have air points and will want to make your own arrangements. Please let me know. It may be possible to organize individual itineraries.

Malaria and health
Malaria is endemic and the strain present is resistant to Lariam. Dr Robin Ekholm, the trip doctor recommends malarone. She also recommends Hepatitis C shots. More information on medical aspects will be posted later.

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