Tuesday, 26 March, 2019

Harfat Jaya Homestay – Misool Island – Raja Ampat Islands – West Papua


Homestay Harfat Jaya
Separate location from village residents and has a private port. Homestay has four rooms each of which contains bunk beds and shared bathrooms. The fares start from Rp 600.000 per person, including three meals. Kampung Harapan Jaya, District of South Misool.

Harfat Jaya homestay in Misool island can accommodate up to 16 people in 2 large dormitories and two bungalows. The home stay has a permanent electricity supply and the rooms have fans, lighting and comfortable bunk beds with share bathroom. There is one western style toilet, two squat toilets and a shared bathroom with shower.

Harfat Jaya is next to the village of Harapan Jaya, so several small shops are close by. Snorkelling is available at the door and the homestay has a speed boat available to hire for excursions further afield.

Food at Harfat Jaya is basic and the menu is not varied. Meals are based on the staples of rice and fish, but portions are generous and the fish always fresh.



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