Tuesday, 26 March, 2019

Kaimana Hotel – Kaimana – West Papua – Indonesia


Kaimana is a small port town in West Papua, Indonesia and capital of the Kaimana Regency. It is served by Kaimana Airport. Kaimana is part of a Sea Conservation Area in West Papua. Butterflies in the surrounding forest of Karora are reported to be on the brink of extinction due to logging in the district. In March 2007, the Indonesian Navy conducted a training exercise off the coast of Kaimana in Kaimana Bay.

The first hotel in Kaimana and probably considered as the best one. It is not located at the city center, so finding something to eat will be a challenge for new comer. But fear not, the ojek (motor taxi) is always available and will only cost you Rp 5,000 (about 50 cent USD) to get to the center.

This hotel doesnt look like a hotel. It is just one-storey long building devided into rooms. They are expanding and building a new bulding just across the street.

Kaimana hotel comes with a working AC, hot water, sitting toilet, clean room (for Kaimana standard), and it doesnt smell. There is a TV, but didnt try it. The bed is OK.

Room rate:
Standard Room : Rp. 500.000/night/single or double including breakfast
Superior Room : Rp. 750.000/night/single or double including breakfast

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