Tuesday, 26 March, 2019

Koranu Fyak Bungalows – Mansuar Kecil Island – Raja Ampat Papua

Location: North shore of Pulau Kri (Mansuar Kecil)
Accommodation: Four single room bungalows
Owner: Robben Sauyai

Shaded by pandanus and tropical foliage and having a view across the water toward Gam and Waigeo, Koranu Fyak lies a stone’s throw from the reef on a long beach perfect for sunset walks. It’s a good location, central to the marvels of Koh, Mansuar, Gam and the Kabui passage.

Koranu Fyak will be the guesthouse of choice for us on our next visit to Raja Ampat, being a new venture by our friend Robben Sauyai.

We met Robben while we were wandering the streets of Waisai on Waigeo. We’d just arrived on our first visit to Raja Ampat and found that the promised boat to the homestay we’d booked hadn’t shown up. The mobile number we’d booked it on wasn’t working any more either. It was late in the evening, so we’d checked in to a small hotel while we tried to work out our next move. We thought we’d just hire a boat and head for the place anyway, but then Robben told us it had been fully booked by the film crew of the Survivor TV series (French version).

The booking we’d had confirmed 3 months previously was (according to the ninnynet) at the only homestay in the islands, so we were more than a little concerned. We needn’t have been – Robben was the best person we could have encountered in that situation and told us of at least two other places he could take us to in the morning.

Robben proved a wonderful friend and guide and we wish him all the best with Koranu Fyak. If Robben’s place isn’t big enough for your group (or you haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for on this site) give him a call anyway – if what you’re seeking exists, he’ll know!

In addition to four bungalows, Koranu Fyak has basic bathroom and toilet shelters, a kitchen where all your meals are prepared and a beachside dining shelter with bench seating. There’s also 7 kilowatt generator for lighting, charging all your electronic devices and powering a refrigerator for cold drinks!

Complete packages catering to the full range of activities available around the islands can be provided. Robben can organise everything including arranging all your transport from the airport at Sorong out to the islands and back again.

Prices below are quoted in US Dollars at August 2012.

Tour prices are inclusive of all costs:

– Snorkeling tours include boat hire for the day, boat fuel, snorkelling guide, snacks on the boat and local food will be cooked for you at a beach picnic.
– Custom trips can be arranged.
– Prices are quoted in US Dollars and are current as of August 2011
– All prices are based on couples sharing. You’ll have to pay the couple price if you are a solo traveller.

Rates Rp. 600.000/person/night including 3 meals a day


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