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Lumba – Lumba Guesthouse – Warasnus – Raja Ampat Islands – West Papua – Indonesia


Lumba Lumba Guesthouse is located in Warasnus cove, the favourite feeding area for dolphin, whale and orca. The guesthouse is surrounded by 1,380 sq km (533 mi) of pristine saltwater oceans. This is a protected marine conservation area and the no take zone rules apply to every human soul.

Lumba Lumba guesthouse is not the “eco” stereotype business rather the ethical side of what sustainable should be. Its about preserving mutual relationship between our community and nature. Background Lumba Lumba guesthouse humble beginning started back in 2009.

It started as a small homestay to accommodate budget travelers and adventurous alike that visit Raja Ampat. Back then, visitors will need to spend thousands of dollar for one week in a resort. Many visitors have to turned their back unable to continue their journey from Waisai due to these high costs.

Our simple homestay today has improved through trials and errors and many ups and downs. Our operation is small and still owned and managed by local villagers. We are passionate to share our relationship between nature and sea with you. We welcome your visit and hope you enjoy our little paradise in all its simplicities.

The nearest port to the guesthouse is 23 km away. Our village, Yenbuba, is about 200 m and can be reached on foot during low tide. Warasnus cove is a 1 km powder-white beach and pristine coral reefs. We are right in the middle of every famous dive sites in Raja Ampat. Our guesthouse is a perfect location for an avid snorkelers and recreational divers seeking a way to get in the water every day.

The Guest House:
Lumba Lumba guesthouse is best describe a luxury in simplicity. We love the simple and beautiful things in everyday life, fresh caught fish, open fire cooking, sleeping under the stars. It’s about you establishing relationship with nature. So, take off your watch, turn off your phone, forget your everyday life and hang out on island time.

The guesthouse are huts built on stilts along the beach. It is designed for comfort, privacy and to be sustainable. The bathroom is shared traditional mandi (shower) where you pour water over yourself. There is no air conditioning but breeze from Pacific ocean will keep you cool at night.

Accommodation also include three meals of traditional local foods consists of fresh fish and organic vegetable from local gardens. We also serve fruits snacks in between the meals. Organic Papua coffee and local Indonesian tea is always free. Electricity is powered by our generator and only available at night from 6 pm – 1 am. This area has a very limited cellular coverage area which limits any internet connectivity.

Diving in Raja Ampat
Since being given its designation as marine sanctuary in 2006 and the ban of industrial trawler fishing, the marine life in Raja Ampat biodiversity has flourished. Big fish are coming back in large numbers, curious mammals such as dolphins and whales are seen returning to the area as an active feeding area.

Some have called it the underwater mecca of the world, the last paradise on earth, underwater fish factory and many others. One thing for sure, marine scientists agree Raja Ampat is a home to the world’s richest reefs and diversities. The last counts in 2012 is 600 species of corals and 1,669 species of fish. Whether you are here for underwater photographer, thrill seeking, current diving, or fun diver looking for solitude above and under sea level, you have found the right place.

We are right in the middle of the famous dive sites in the north of Raja Ampat. Our house reef is a rare spot in Raja Ampat where you can see dolphins and whales working together foraging food. Reef sharks and turtles frequent this area, manta rays often seen taking a nap on the seabed. We keep small ratio divers to guide to 4:1 so that everyone have quality diving experience. Our local guides, who are familiar with the coral areas, water conditions and current movements to keep you focused on the beauty around you

The flat and calm water condition in Raja Ampat making it perfect place for all level of snorkelers. Overgrown reefs are common and during low tide you’ll be able to see how these corals took shape over hundred of years.

We also provide daily boat trip to various snorkeling sites. Enjoy the sightings of green turtles, huge schools of barracuda, manta rays, reef sharks and colourful reefs. Drift along the nearby mangrove, a breeding ground of black tip sharks and home of ‘walking’ Epaulette Shark, a species only found in Raja Ampat.

The local reef (right outside your door!) is recommended for snorkelers and divers with its rich systems of soft and hard corals. Snorkelers are encouraged to wear protective layer of clothing or sunscreen lotion to protect skin from sunburn. Please do not try to interact with dolphins and whales or disturb their natural behaviours

Sheltered in Warasnus Cove on the southwest side of Kri Island and named for the dolphins that are often to be seen there, Lumba Lumba Guesthouse has three bungalows which offer panoramic ocean views across the Dampier Strait to Pulau Batanta. The homestay is a short boat ride away from the village of Yenbuba on Pulau Mansuar.

The 16sqm Penyu Bungalow is set amid the trees a few metres back from the beach. The bungalow is suitable for 2 people and is furnished with a mattress with sheets, mosquito net and bedside shelves. There are also 2 hammocks and an outside bench.

The Lumba Lumba Bungalow is 36sqm and is set on stilts on the beach. It has a similarly furnished bedroom and also a large verandah, a storage area and hammocks.

Lumba Lumba Guesthouse’s latest addition is the Karang Bungalow, which is priced between that of the ultimate beachfront Lumba Lumba and the smaller beachside Penyu.

There are shared toilet and bathroom shelters and meals are taken together on the verandah at Lumba Lumba bungalow.

Lumba Lumba has a generator and electricity is available daily between 1800 and 0100.

7 nights accomodation + snorkeling package/person
Penyu bungalow : IDR 5,610,000++
Karang bungalow : IDR 5,960,000++
Lumba Lumba bungalow : IDR 6,485,000++

Price include;
Accomodation, all meals, fruit snacks, coffee & tea, 4 days snorkeling boat trip, airport pick up, Waisai boat pick up & drop, public ferry round trip ticket

7 nights accomodation + diving package/person
Penyu bungalow : IDR 10,435,000++
Karang bungalow : IDR 10,785,000++
Lumba Lumba bungalow : IDR 11,310.000++

Price include;
Accomodation, all meals, fruit snacks, coffee & tea, airport pick up, Waisai boat pick up & drop, public ferry round trip ticket, 17 dives, tanks & weightbelt, dive guide.

High season surcharge based on double occupancy (November 15 – April 15) @ IDR 500.000/night/room

Single room surcharge
Penyu bungalow : IDR 1,555,000
Karang bungalow : IDR 1,895,000
Lumba Lumba bungalow : IDR 2,300,000

High season surcharge based on single occupancy (November 15 – April 15)
Penyu bungalow : IDR 1,900.000
Karang bungalow : IDR 2,400.000
Lumba Lumba bungalow : IDR 3,300,000

*price exclude marine park entry permit;
diver and non diver IDR 1,000,000
Indonesian citizen IDR 250,000

raja ampat excursions
Yenbuba village visit : free
Jellyfish tour : IDR 400,000**
Traditional fishing trip : IDR 200,000
Birdwatching : IDR 450,000**

Outrigger canoe rent
No guide : IDR 200,000
With guide : IDR 300,000

**minimun two people booking

Extra :
Non schedule pick up time (to be divided among guests) IDR 450,000

What is NOT included in the accommodation package rate?
All flights, airport taxes, hotel packages inbound & outbound, dinner in Sorong, visa and excess luggage charges, marine park fee, alcoholic beverages, canned/ bottled beverages, special excursions, rental snorkel and dive gear, specialized services and all other expenses.

High and peak season apply from Oct 01-April 30 with additional surcharge for room rates and dive package is Rp. 500.000/person/night

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