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Mangrove Homestay – Mansuar Island – Raja Ampat


Great snorkelling on the house reef and at nearby Yenbuba jetty, Walking Sharks in the mangroves, long hiking paths and a restful beachside location

Mangrove Homestay located in a sheltered, northward facing cove near Yenbuba village on Mansuar, Mangrove Homestay has a single private bungalow on the beach. A second bungalow was under construction when we visited in June 2015.

The bungalow has a large bedroom with a mattress on the floor, mattress cover, pillows, bolster and mosquito net.  The bedroom is also equipped with a small table and has power outlets and a room light switch.

A covered walkway from the rear of the bungalow gives access to the bedroom and the verandah. The verandah is equipped with a small table and two chairs and provides great views across the strait to Gam and Waigeo.

Mangrove Homestay’s bathroom and toilet facilities are in separate rooms in a building behind the bungalow. The toilet is western pedestal style, the bathroom is dip mandi, with a pebbled floor and a board provided for those with sensitive feet.

Meals are taken in a beachside dining shelter which also has great views of the strait between Mansuar and Gam. Tea, coffee and drinking water are always to hand there.

Electricity: Mangrove Homestay and its neighbour Koryau Kayem Homestay have a sweet arrangement with the owners of the nearby mobile phone tower. In exchange for permission to erect the tower on their land, both homestays receive free electricity from the tower’s generator. That means electricity is available all night and whenever there’s not enough sunlight to run the tower’s solar array.

The proximity of the tower also means Mangrove Homestay has great mobile phone reception which often supports an internet connection.

The village of Yenbuba is a short walk away along a well made path and basic supplies can be purchased there.

Only a little English is spoken at Mangrove Homestay, but Koryau Kayem’s owner Freddie is usually available to help if needed.

Transport / Getting there

Transport between Waisai and Mangrove Homestay is by speedboat and costs IDR 600,000 each way. The price is per trip and is split between passengers.


Mangrove Homestay is a good base for a range of activities, with excellent snorkelling available at the door and close by at Yenbuba Jetty. Mangrove doesn’t have snorkelling gear available, so make sure to bring some.

There’s lots of hiking possibilities as a well made trail joins the homestay to the nearby village of Yenbuba and the more distant Yenbekwan to the west. From Yenbekwan it’s possible to continue along the north coast and then cross Mansuar past an inland lake to the south coast village of Sauwandarek. There’s great snorkelling at Sauwandarek too, but you might want to organise a boat ride back, rather than make the return trek!

At low tide it’s possible to cross exposed sandbanks to the tiny island of Ransiwor that lies between Mansuar and Kri. There’s excellent snorkelling to be had around the southern shores of Ransiwor too, but be aware that currents there can be very strong once the tide starts running.

The sandbanks themselves make for a fascinating exploration, as many young fish and other marine creatures are trapped in shallow pools by the retreating tide. Kri can be reached via the sandbanks at low tide as well, which opens up even more hiking possibilities. Be sure to time your walks carefully though, otherwise you’ll need to pay for a boat to get back to Mansuar.

The jungle behind Mangrove Homestay is full of birdlife, as are the low tide shallows in front of the homestay. You’re guaranteed to see Walking Sharks sleeping amid the nearby mangroves during the day, as well as host of small fish and other marine creatures. Do be careful walking in the shallows though: Try to always take the same (and shortest) path, as compaction of the sand destroys the homes of the myriad of creatures that live and breed in it.

Mangrove Homestay 7 night snorkelling package – IDR 7,625,000 per person

Mangrove Homestay offers 7 nights’ accommodation and meals plus four days of snorkelling trips for IDR 7,625,000 per person. You can book the package using the booking form. Bring your own snorkelling gear.

The four snorkelling day trips include longboat hire, guide and lunch and visit the following sites:

  • Pasir Timbul sandbank and Cape Kri
  • Yenbuba Jetty and Sauwandarek
  • Manta Point and Arborek Jetty
  • Mangrove Bay and Friwen Wall

The package does not include transport to the homestay. Sorong to Waisai ferry tickets and boat transfer prices are not included.

Mangrove Homestay Raja Ampat Tours

Except for the Manta/Arborek tour which is by longboat, tours are by speedboat which can carry a maximum of 5 people. Tour price is total cost and is split among passengers. Boat tours to other destinations can be organised if required.

Single : IDR. 600,000,- / Person / Night/Twin Share including breakfast and taxes

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