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Nyandetor Homestay – Friwen Island – Raja Ampat


A private bungalow on a beautiful secluded beach. Coral gardens, dolphins, and Eclectus parrots. A perfect Pulau Friwen hideaway for couples.

Nyandetor Homestay  is located in a quiet and beautiful secluded bay on north shore of Pulau Friwen. There is a three room bungalow on land and a single room private bungalow on the beach, which is over water at high tide.

Both bungalows have verandahs on which two chairs and a small table are provided for each room. The private bungalow has a small table in the bedroom, but otherwise rooms are bare, containing only mattresses with sheets, pillows, bolsters and mosquito nets.

Guest meals are served in the over water dining room which has great views across to Gam and the entrance to Kabui Bay. Drinking water, tea and coffee are always available in the dining room, which is also well positioned to make the best of sunset views.

A pebble-floored dip mandi bathroom and western style toilet are provided in a partitioned bathroom building set back from the beach.

An assortment of stools, bench seats, small tables and a wooden recliner provide for beachside relaxation in the shade of a large tree by the homestay.

Electricity is provided by generator from sunset until around midnight. There’s only a weak cell phone signal at Nyandetor, but it can be improved dramatically by taking a short walk to the end of the Friwen village jetty.

Although Nyandetor’s location is secluded, it’s right next to Friwen village where basic supplies can be purchased. Nyandetor owner Yanse Wawiyai and his family live in Friwen village, so most of the time you’ll have the place to yourself.

Only very basic English is spoken at Nyandetor Homestay, so bringing a phrasebook is a good idea if you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia. In the unlikely event of communication difficulties you can’t solve, you’ll be able to find an English speaker in the village to help out.

Transport / Getting there

Transport between Waisai and Nyandetor Homestay was still being organised in December 2014 and was at that time by arrangement with various other nearby homestay owners, so a fixed price wasn’t able to be quoted. Contact Nyandetor for current transfer prices.


It’s all about the ocean at Nyandetor Homestay – be sure to to bring your snorkelling gear! Diving is also available: Nyandetor can arrange dives for you with the Kri homestays that have dive centers.

Relax on the beach and watch the changing ocean moods between Friwen, Gam and Waigeo, snorkel the coral gardens at the homestay door or explore the reef that fringes the series of small bays between the homestay and the eastern end of the island. Great snorkelling with huge schools of juvenile fish can be had at the nearby village jetty and Nyandetor can arrange longboat tours to snorkel the famed Friwen Wall as well as tours further afield to snorkel with Mantas or visit other islands and sights.

Dolphins cruise the waters of the homestay bay daily and the sandy bottom between shore and reef is home to an unusual species of colourful scorpionfish that conceals itself in the sand. In the afternoons, frigatebirds often gather above the strait between Friwen and Gam to steal fish from other seabirds and occasionally dive for their own.

When you’ve spent enough time in the water, the land has plenty to offer too. Explore Friwen village and discover trails through sago and coconut plantations and jungle to island’s many bays and viewpoints. Cross to the southern side of the island and watch the sunset light up the limestone cliffs of Friwenbonda (Friwen Wall). Huge black Palm cockatoos and brightly coloured Eclectus parrots are frequent visitors to Nyandetor Homestay – especially when the big Ketapang (beach almond) tree next to the homestay has fruit.

Nyandetor can arrange longboat tours to see Red Birds of Paradise near Yenbeser on Gam, or to any of the other Dampier Strait or Kabui Bay sights you’d like to visit.

Single : IDR. 600,000,- / Person / Night/Twin Share including breakfast and taxes

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