Thursday, 21 March, 2019

Paradise Homestay – Gam Island – Raja Ampat Island – West Papua – Indonesia


Panun Paradise Homestay is a single building building with six rooms on its own private island. Pulau Panun is an idyllic sand fringed island located out near the end of the long archipelago of scenic karst islands that extends to the east from Misool’s southern coast.

The homestay building is wooden walled with glazed windows and can accommodate up to 12 people in its six large rooms. The rooms are equipped with foam mattresses on the floor, a table, chair and a fan. Mosquito nets are provided on request.

Scattered around the Panun Paradise Homestay grounds are hammocks and seating areas, and there are two each of western style toilets and dip-mandi bathrooms. Fresh water is supplied from Panun Paradise’s well.

Guest meals are served in a beachside dining shelter that has views of the ocean and neighbouring islands. Coffee, tea and fresh young coconuts are always available, as is homegrown fruit like bananas and papaya from the Panun Paradise Homestay organic fruit and vegetable gardens. Lunch and dinner are fresh fish prepared various ways, rice and homegrown vegetables with sambal. Snacks sre served in the afternoon. Drinking water is boiled well water which is safe to drink – if you’re not comfortable with that you might want to bring a Steripen ultraviolet purifier or similar as an added precaution.

Pulau Panun is a remote island and there are no shops nearby, so if you have special dietary requirements or there are consumable items you can’t live without, you’ll need to bring them with you.

About bringing packaged items: As elsewhere in Raja Ampat, there is no means of safe waste disposal on Pulau Panun. The only way to be sure you don’t contribute to the trashing of the islands is to take all your inorganic waste away with you when you leave.

Electricity is supplied by generator at evening and night, but can be turned on on demand if necessary. Panun Paradise Homestay receives a mobile phone signal, but it’s not good enough to permit a data connection: There is no internet available on the island.

Panun Paradise has a family member who speaks English, so communication will present no difficulties.

Rate is : Rp. 600.000/person/night/twin share


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