Tuesday, 26 March, 2019

Underwater Photography in Raja Ampat Islands – Indonesia

In the records of the underwater photography in the region of Raja Ampat, Imam Brotoseno mentioned that the content is the wealth of marine life in Raja Ampat almost all regions of the world’s coral triangle, Filipinos and Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Triangle is the heart of the rich world’s coral reef is protected and defined by Conservation International. Of the 600 species of coral reefs around the world, 75% were in the waters of Raja Ampat.

With the width of the Raja Ampat water and rich underwater world is diverse, so that tourists who want to enjoy the vision of the underwater world, the decision will eventually emerge. Around the island of Kri, for example, experienced tourists can enjoy the beauty of coral reefs and different species of fish is amazing, including the type of fish the famous Queensland Grouper, Pompano, snapper, grouper, sharks, tuna, napoeleon Napoleon, barracuda and giant trevally. The wealth of different types of fish in the area of the island of Kri was never detected by Gerry Allen, who dive, he noticed at least 283 species of fish. The amounts are enormous for a single dive.

Other Sardine Reef crucial point, with a depth of about 10 meters. This place serves a variety of fish, including parrot fish, fish that has a bright color. If you want to try in a rock tunnel, visitors can dive around the rocks Kaboei Bay Islands. On these islands there is a bay which is a tunnel under a rock. In Kaboei Bay Rock also found coral caves inhabited by bats and, in some places the remains of human bones.

There are many other dive sites that can be traced by divers, as in the passage, Iceland Fam and Misool Iceland. Can also enjoy the rich underwater world tourists also enjoy the historic sites under the sea, including warships and combat aircraft, which sank in the waters of Raja Ampat. Not only that, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the islands of Raja Ampat. Islands of land in this region are relatively pristine, lagoon and the bay is sheltered, has a range stunning sea, beach and crystal clear.

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